The purpose of DeWitt Lacrosse is to organize and operate a nonprofit, recreation club, which shall be organized and operated exclusively to provide the participants with the fundamental skills required to play lacrosse and to promote the spirit and sport

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DeWitt Lacrosse Friends and Supporters,


Thank you for your consideration in support of the DeWitt Lacrosse Club program! Initiated in 2005, the growth and continued quality of girls and boys lacrosse from 3rd grade through high school could not be done without the generous support of our community and lacrosse families. 


If you are interested in being a sponsor this year, please visit the DeWitt Lacrosse website - and click the DeWitt High School Lacrosse sponsorship link on the left side of the website to sign up.  There are 3 levels of sponsorship: 

Sponsor Level








Lax equipment-specific donation purchase

Misc. (goalie equipment etc.)

Goals 3rd grade-High School

Lax balls 3rdgrade- High School


*smaller logo displayed on banner

*medium logo displayed on banner

* large logo displayed on banner







*Recognition for all 3 levels of sponsorship include:

  • Sponsorship will be announced during Girls and Boys JV and Varsity home games 
  • Corporate logo displayed on the DeWitt Lacrosse banner (size of logo based on level of sponsorship)
  • Company recognized on the DeWitt Lacrosse game program distributed at the Girls and Boys JV and Varsity home games

The DeWitt Lacrosse Club is a 501(c) (3) organization making your donation tax deductible. 

You can pay online with credit card including the 3% CC fee or send a check

Make checks payable and send to:

DeWitt Lacrosse Club

P.O. Box 228

DeWitt, MI 48820

Tax ID 20-8536553

Please send your highest resolution or logo file to:


It is our hope through your generous support to allow the purchase of specific items that are vital to sustain a successful program within our area. In return for your donation, recognize your dedication as a company who takes great pride in supporting our community.



Lara Sisco

The DeWitt Lacrosse Club